I believe I can do it!

Children who feel safe and secure naturally seek risks

Risk taking is important to humans physical and mental development. We naturally seek them and when doing so by own choice we feel free, alive and capable. I'm always fascinated by how children naturally are capable in seeking (for them) appropriate challenges and communicating their desire and needs. This they

It is possible

It's possible

To swim with buckets and toys offers a little extra resistance. We adults know that. With a helpful intention we might try to take the toys from our children while they swim. But it's not always children voluntarily will hand over their treasures. This is where we must stop! Remind

The infant pupil

You are my teacher

"You are my teacher. How you deal with love, conflict, sorrow, joy, pain, defeat, new things, people, variety, the way you believe in yourself, in others and me will also characterize me and shape my approach to all this and more." It's a swindling thought but also great because it


Swimming should add capital not traumatize a child

The risk of drowning scares many parents. And driven by fear parents can enroll in or try to “waterproof” their children through methods that causes trauma. Trauma is nothing you want your child to experience because it will have a lasting and damaging effect on its sensitive and developing brain.

Mother and Baby

Make it a little more Parent and Child Friendly – thank you!

There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children. Nelson Mandela I am worried that we are not doing something about the cause of why many suffer mentally today and rather just trying to fix the symptoms. Children need dependable,

Book and pen

My book's coming to life

It's just another step towards the final... but it feels so darn good right now! Just so you know :)


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    The Next Generation

    We are only here for a very limited time which makes it of paramount importance what legacy we pass on to the next generation. First hand that would be our own children but if we are to succeed we also need to assure the constant wellbeing and development of the next generation as a whole. My mission is to see to it that as many children as possible grow up to become confident and competent adults and I have found that water accelerates this thus giving children a head start in life.