To learn gives a feeling of joy and fires the desire to learn more

“20 years in 20 days” Day 20: 2013 - 20 years gives a feeling of pleasant experience

We work on the core of our business focusing on staff, our product and economy. We have a quality concept and staff is key in our business – it's the Swimmix people who makes it all happen. Therefor we are heavy on staff both economically and resource wise. The toughest and

The Swimmix team 2012

“20 years in 20 days” Day 19: 2012 I step back in as facility manager in Farum

There is plenty to take care of so first of all it's about prioritizing. Stability within staff and focus on what we do and deliver is of most importance so we can feel meaning and joy in what we do. With motivation we will deliver the consistency and development that

Swimmix in the sand

“20 years in 20 days” Day 18: A different year

2011 is a very different year. Business is now down to just one facility, the one in Farum, Denmark. Very far from what the dreams and plans were only 4 years back. Plan is to keep Swimmix Farum, as it is, with the facility manager we have in charge. I

Swimmix Limhamn is sinking

“20 years in 20 days” Day 17: The legal system is a disappointment

January 2010 the court date is postponed again. That was a big surprise to our lawyers as it's not practice to be able to postpone twice. Disappointment. We would have prefered to have it over and done with. New court date is set to be in October. So we take


“20 years in 20 days” Day 16: 2009 The school is in the pool!

I cant' believe it! Johan is of a different character and he has always operated under “Better safe than sorry” (where he is trained you can end up dying if you don't). So he hoped for the best but prepared for the worst. He had everything lined up 'just in

Swimmix Team

“20 years in 20 days” Day 15: New facility opens and we face big challenges

After a long and rather interesting negotiation we land the contract of a new facility. We were very close to turning it down and walk away. “The one that wags the tail the most often becomes the looser.” We were very interested but not at whatever cost or deal. We


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    The Next Generation

    We are only here for a very limited time which makes it of paramount importance what legacy we pass on to the next generation. First hand that would be our own children but if we are to succeed we also need to assure the constant wellbeing and development of the next generation as a whole. My mission is to see to it that as many children as possible grow up to become confident and competent adults and I have found that water accelerates this thus giving children a head start in life.